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Re: 50th Anniversary Story Official Thread

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And the Doctor is 900 years old.

Actually it's over 1100 years old if you are to believe the line from the first episode of last series that he was over 1100 years old just before he got shot.

As far as arguing over having more doctors or more former companions. It would be real easy to get a convoluted story with too many people in it. So I would understand a few relatively recent companions and 2 doctors and nods to the past doctors instead. A more expansive reunion story is something that Big Finish can do and they have proven to do those fairly well in their format.

But even in the classic format it was hard to really do good reunion stories. The only one that really worked well was the Three Doctors which was really only 2 doctors. Even the 5 Doctors was really only 3 of them with a ton of padding.
Who are you leaving out of The Five Doctors? Hurndall, Troughton and Pertwee all had quite a bit of screen time, it was only Baker who was left out, so, we actually had 4 active Doctors in The Five Doctors

I do wish they had devoted a few episodes to the Anniversary, and had a classicDoctor or two in each episode, because yea, with only an hour long special, it would get very crowded with 3 or more Doctors.
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