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Re: Question about TWOK DE (HD) on iTunes

I'll have to see if I can find the original interview to gain a far better context on a) who Bill Hunt spoke to, and b) the context of that statement, and where they were in the process.

Nick Meyer now knowing ahead of time is a funny oops, but it's a communications mistake, not incompetence in planning or authoring.

The teams working on the products happen to be human, and thus can, and do, make mistakes, just like you or I.

So crying "incompetence" due to a communication error, and the result of having only the theatrical versions on the disc, frankly doesn't hold water.

There are some what I consider minor issues, based on what I've read, around DNR and edge enhancement, and the newer special features are reported to be disappointing for some, so that to me suggests the project may have been rushed a bit.

However, the product "as designed" appears to me to have been to present the theatrical editions of the movies, and to save the DEs for a future date, possibly due to the TMP DE being prohibitively expensive to recreate in HD for a library title.

Maybe when deciding on what to put on the discs, the person Bill Hunt talked to was at an early stage and assumed the DEs were ready to go then, not knowing about the issues with the TMP DE (Effects and editing in 480i)?
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