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Re: Question about TWOK DE (HD) on iTunes

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I'm not sure releasing another version over 4 years later would constitute a "double dip".

They keep re-releasing films all the time, lest they become deleted.

Lets not forget that bringing out a DE was a marketing ploy in itself.
So there is a time limit on double dip? Perhaps, but Blu-ray being a fairly expensive and fairly new (in 2009) format--I think they figured at some point they would release the Director's editions with the very little (3 & 1/2 min on TWOK TUC) and get a re-sale from the diehards.

If we someday get a new set with restored prints for the other 5 and new features such as deleted scenes, etc.---I will grant that's not a double dip. If we get the same exact (or close) set with the extra few minutes for II and VI--I would call that a double dip.

As for incompetence.......

Bill Hunt says he was talking to people involved with the production of the disc (not marketers), who claimed at the time they just figured the extended versions were ready to go.

Personally, I call that incompetence---not being aware till too late that the alternate versions of two of the 6 movies were not ready for remaster in HD.

They didn't even tell Nick Meyer that they were using the theatrical cut for the newly (2009) recorded commentary!!

Listen to his new commentary and at one point he realizes that it's not the Director's cut and he interupts himself and says, "Oh, I wonder why they're using this version?"

...or words very nearly like that.

At any rate we have waited 4 years and will have to wait who knows how much longer (2016 50th anniversary?) for the Director's editions?

If they NEVER release them on Blu-ray--I will happily take back my double-dip claim, but I will be leaning a lot more toward incompetence theory.

There are VERY FEW movies on Blu-ray here in 2013 that don't have multiple versions of movies available, either in the same disc/set or as separate purchases. Too bad Trek is one of the few.
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