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Re: Why is DC so far behind Marvel in terms of movies?

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It just seems weird to me that regular people wouldn't know who Iron Man or Thor were.
Many of them did. It's the "nerds" who like to pretend that their knowledge is special and unique, and that those pesky normal people are too dim-witted to be aware of their hobbies. It makes them special and unique, you see.

Nevermind that both Thor and Iron Man was showing up in completely non-genre related places all the time. The most notable example I can think of is Adventures in Babysitting. And as you pointed out, Iron Man had several animated shows going all the way back to the 60s or so.

The same is true for most of DCs bigger heroes, too. Many people know who the Flash, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman are. They're amongst some of the most universally well-known figures of pop culture around the world, though not quite up there with the likes of Superman... but not some alien, wholly unknown entity limited to a handful of geeks on the internet, either. No matter how much that handful of geeks on the internet desperately wish it were true.
I can't speak for any other nerds, but I find it funny that you consider Adventures in Babysitting a good example of why Thor would be well known by the masses.
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