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Re: US Navy installing laser on ship to shoot down drones!

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North Korea would just give the nuke to terrorists. It's a nuke, it doesn't need to be on a missile.
Funny thing about nuclear warheads: most people don't realize that only the really advanced/expensive/sophisticated ones are actually portable. North Korea's most advanced warhead likely weighs three or four tones and comes in a casing the size of a compact car. Just "giving" it to terrorists is unlikely to be all that simple, let alone transporting it to anything worth bombing.

Actually, North Korea would be better off smuggling the warhead to China and then FedExing it to New York along with a shipment of sneakers.

Good way to get it past customs, at least. "Shipping manifest says that ship is carrying a nuke.... that's gotta be a typo, right? They must mean Nike."

To be honest.. as unreal as that sounds the simplicity of it just might work. I work in logistics and international shipping and i know that it is impossible for any nation to control each container. There are random samples of course but if the documents are ok chances are very high that the container will pass normally and enter the country.

Now obviously it's not that simply because every intelligence service in the western world is observing NK's nuclear sites so sneaking out a big warhead and across borders to China would be very hard and then you'd need people in China to load that thing into a shipping container and create the bogus documents.

Might make a decent Tom Clancy novel though.
All true, but smuggling something that large to terrorists -- who them have to arrange to transport it to wherever the hell they're planning to use it -- would be even harder to pull off.

Let alone the logistics challenges of an Islamist terrorist organization to smuggle something that large into a foreign country. If/when Iraqi IEDs start showing up in New York we might have reason to be worried, but otherwise it's not exactly a realistic scenario.
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