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Re: I'm getting a motorcycle.

I'm still planning on buying a starter bike, I just don't want to be taking a 250 out on the road. It's too small for me to ride completely comfortably (the 250 I was on for the class was pretty uncomfortable due to it's size) and I know I'd outgrow it power-wise really, really quickly. Everyone I've talked to has said that a 6'3", 200lb guy on a 250 isn't a great combo. I'm thinking of starting with a 750 of some kind. There was a Shadow 750 for sale well before I took my course that went for around $1700 so I know such an animal exists as a cheap bike that isn't a 250. Like I said, it shouldn't take too long to save up for a decent bike with some of the work I have coming up in the next few months so I won't need to compromise too much on what I want. Will I go for a huge Harley that I can't handle as a beginner? No, but I do want a good starter that will last me for a while and will be comfortable for me to ride a lot. I plan on commuting every day and riding with Warriors' Watch once I'm comfortable so whatever I get will get a lot of miles on it eventually.
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