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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2013

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People here have named plenty of reasons why the show is a success (great ratings & dvd sales, several awards, good reviews, a phenomenal IMDb rating), so the only standard by which you can call it a failure is your own personal taste. Why do you spend countless posts trying to convince everyone that it's a "failure", when all you're really saying is that you happen to not like it?
Exactly. Of course some people are under the sad misapprehension that their opinion is objective truth. And going so far as to say that every single TV show is a failure that's disliked by most of the public because all shows, even the hits, are only watched by a small percent of the population is just rank stupidity.
Well, as long as Rank is involved (Admiral, Colonel...?)

Games of Thrones doesn't appeal to me, (Not sure if it's got the same volume of sex that True Blood does, but, I watched the first couple True Blood episodes and there was 2 or 3 sex scenes in those episodes, which is way overboard for my taste. I've got no problem with a little sex, and prefer it to be pertinent to the plot, but, 2 or 3 scenes each episode is too much, an can' possibly be relevant/necessary for the plot). plus the graphic violence and the Medieval setting aren't necessarily my thing either (Though I do love The Walking Dead)

But, obviously the show is popular, since it's getting competing ratings with what's on Free TV (which is a least 3 times the available audienc HBO has) that continues getting renewed each season.
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