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What ould you do for Matt Smith's last episode/s?

If you were in charge of doctor who and you had to write Matt Smith's swan-song, what would you do for the episode? Would you use old or new villains? what pace would you go with it? Would you make it a huge celebration of Smith's era, or just a standard one? Discuss!
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For me, I'd have a classic villain. If Idris Elba was ever the doctor and I was writing his last episode. I'd do a Dalek invasion of Earth. Full on. It's be based on 28 Weeks Later, but basically with Daleks instead. Not sure how that'd translate with Smith though.

Maybe I'd bring back the Timelords for good this time. I like using the Master, but I feel he'd been over-used in regeneration stories (Keeper of Traken/Logopilis/Castravava, The Trial of a Timelord: the Ultimate Foe, the 1996 movie, and the End of Time). However although the Daleks are the most famous enemies, they've only been used once in a regenerations story, and that's Ecclestons Parting of ways and Bad wolf (you could also count Troughtons first episode though).

Maybe I'd revisit the Asylum of the Daleks concept, but do it properly this time by Making it a milestone for doctor who.

Could use the cybermen again, only used in the tenth planet and would honour the fiftieth anniversary well by using the same villains as were used in the first regeneration story.
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