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I had a friend in High School that was convinced that Dafydd Ab Hugh was a pen name for Peter David as the humor and some of the style of writing was similar.

I hadnt heard or read that but then I hadnt heard or read anything discounting that either so I didnt disagree with him as he was the only other person in school reading the books with me lol.
I wondered that too when I read Fallen Heroes. The name similarity (Dafydd vs David) and writing style were sort of similar. Apparently a lot of people did because ab Hugh actually denied he was a pen name for Peter David in the Foreword of his next book.

Having read more of his books now though, its clear they are quite different.

Fallen Heroes really was his best book, I remember loving that one. I wasn't all that impressed by the rest of them.
I remember showing that foreward to my friend and he responded with a laugh like "oh that Peter is such a kidder" lol, too funny.

That was before one of his TNG books I think.

I only read Fallen Heroes once but remember enjoying it.
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