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Re: What REALLY happened to Dr. Daystrom after 'The Ulitimate Computer

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Rather than hook the M-5 unit up to the Enterprise and give it "varchully unlimited power!", Starfleet should have tested M-5 by linking it to another computer-- a virtual simulator that the M-5 thinks is the real deal. The Enterprise, outer space, and other starships would all be simulated in the virtual environment.

Starfleet officers would log on and play the game as if they were on their real ships, and only M-5 wouldn't know it was a virtual environment. Then when the unit went crazy and started killing people, all the lessons could be learned and nobody really dies.
They said they tested it, maybe they should have stranded it in the "recreation room"

ZapBrannigan wrote: View Post
Now Starfleet has to explain the deaths of over 500 spacemen in peacetime. That goes beyond mere courts-martial and into the realm of a government changing hands in the next election.
How would they find out about 500 deaths? We lost over 400 Vulcanians and a whole solar system to a germ, and then there's Nomad, they make this seem minor. Pluse this thing was a top secret, I'm sure the survivors would have been under orders of silence.

I don't think it's minor, just saying in that context, it might not seem as bad as it does to us. Also, this was actually Starfleet's fault rather than a space monster, so it would hurt, but I think the Federation Council, as I understand it, wouldn't be harmed but a bunch of admirals and a certain commodore would be in trouble. I think that's why Bob ended govenor of that backwater planet.
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