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Re: teacake does Farscape: Spoiler Free first time viewing

Home on the Remains: I should not have been eating while watching this. This guy was completely awful to look at.

Even more awful was watching Chiana run her fingers erotically up and down his head slit..

I had assumed this was a horrible injury not an erogenous zone! His brother had a head slit too though so it must be their species and not just bad luck for both of them.

He had the oddest accent, a mix of Australian, US South and a bit of Afrikaans. Quite effective.

I loved the take on what happens when a plant has a complete breakdown and reverts to a more primitive state.

The whole story with how they release spores which slow them and allow predators to catch them and then the spores kill the predators and then they EAT them.. !!

Fabulous alien-ness! Quite original.

Very well done episode.

And.. are these LEATHER pants? I had to stare at them for a quite a while to try and decide


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