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Re: Who was the most hated character among fans while DS9 was airing?

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Bashir annoyed me to no end, even after he and O'Brien became friends! (Although their friendship was one of my favourite relationships on the series).

This will be unpopular, but the character I resented the most was Ezri Dax. I felt they wasted too much time on a new character when they had really important plots to tie up by the end of the series. I won't say any more so as not to spoil Captain Kathryn!
Eh...I don't think Bashir is that bad. He has a cute affection for Jadzia and I like his love/hate relationship with O'Brien and Garak. It's not as funny or interesting as the Odo/Quark relationship, but is still funny to watch. Either way, I don't have any dislike for Bashir. He isn't my favorite character, but he's not too bad in my opinion.

I love Garak. He needed more episodes. Well since I am only approaching Season 3, maybe more will come. I think he is an awesome character.
Bashir was annoying early on but that was kind of the point. Even the "everyman" O'Brian thought he was annoying at first.

Garak is my favorite character in all of Star Trek and don't worry he appears in over 30 episodes so you will be getting plenty more Garak. And when you are done with the show you could always checkout "A Stich in Time" it's a book all about Garaks life written by the actor himself and is considered one of the best Trek books ever written.
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