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Re: Margaret Thatcher dead at 87

She was sadly intolerant of many minorities & would ensure the weakest (or poorest) in the country remained so through her policies (like the poll tax or foreign policy where she deemed Mandela a terrorist) but also via her moralistic legislation like the awful section 28 that prohibited the promotion of homosexuality in high schools and college.

There is an interesting argument to be made about the modernization of Britain and its economy which will be debated till the cows come home. My eyes and eyes are open and ready to take on board it all. Whatever the political side of the fence. Some for, some against. But her treatment of minorities can never really be seen as anything but discrimination. She set out to make the lives of gay men and women difficult. And, section 28 of the Local Authority Act is testament to that.

I will always listen to the arguments for and against her economical and personal beliefs but I can never really go beyond the passing of particular legislation that persecuted vulnerable minorities.
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