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Re: I'm getting a motorcycle.

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As for buying his bike...yeah, it's in my price range but it's not exactly something I would want to spend money on and ride around as my own. Call it vanity but I'd like to look a little "cool" when I ride and that bike would not accomplish that.
Honestly? Yeah, sounds pretty vain. The goal is to learn to ride, so that when you get a nice bike, you're not the toolbag who drops it on its side in the parking lot and ruins his $10k bike. Not about how cool you can look on a starter bike. A wobbly idiot on a bike that's too big/powerful for his skill level doesn't look "cool" either. They're a joke, and just look like a poser at best. And while you're learning to ride, shouldn't be too many big trips, no passengers, etc. If the primary reason for getting a bike is so that people can recognize how cool you are from a distance, you're probably talking to the wrong crowd here...

For reference, here's my "cool" first bike:

1979 Honda CB750. For reference, I was born in 1981. Paid $700, and it leaked a few things. When I was done with it 2 years later, it leaked several more things, needed brakes and tires, likely a carb cleaning/rework, and sold it for $600. Not stylish or overly comfortable. But learned on it, and when i knocked it over in a parking lot once (parking on a slight hill, not riding it), just picked it up with no harm done, scratch was just part of the collection. Only thing I'd change is that a 750 was too much starting out, it took quite a while to get comfortable on it, and being that old, it was a HEAVY bike. About 100 lbs heavier than my current 900cc cruiser.

It also needs some work, according to him and is really only good for practicing on as I have been. It's kind alike when you want to learn stick and a friend has a car with it that is good for just that...learning stick, but you wouldn't exactly buy it and drive it to go pick up your date.
Other than not being pretty, I'd be curious as to what work it needs. If it runs and passes inspection, kinda all you need anyway. You just ride it all year, and then sell it in the fall for what you paid for it, and walk away a winner. Not going for style points here, and you're not picking up a date on it anyway.

The NEXT bike is the one you want to look cool. And it'll look a lot cooler if you learn to ride first, so it's not totalled or left with one flat side of your gas tank. Get that for your starter bike, you lose a couple thousand in value when that happens. Do that to a fairly worn starter bike, and it's expected and already depreciated anyway.

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If I were you I'd at least get insured on it so you can take it out on the road. Car parks are fine, but there's only so much you can learn there. I wouldn't think you'd need more than a day or two of offroad practice before you'd wanna get on the road.
That's another bit. Going to need to take out insurance on it if you plan to ever leave the parking lot. And after about a week, you'll be bored to tears driving in circles and practicing starting and stopping anyway.
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