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Re: Blake's 7 given the go ahead by Syfy

Thats a shame, it's where televised B7 belongs really.

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It always puzzles me when people make fun of the clothing in SF shows set in the far future. Clothes from decades or centuries in the past often look ludicrous to our eyes, and ours would surely look ludicrous to people from the past. So I tend to think that if a future-based show's fashions aren't strange-looking to us, then they're doing it wrong.
Yeah that bugs me somewhat, but then it's the hypocricy of people who love period dramas with their strange clothes and curious language, yet can't deal with 2250 with its odd clothing and stange language.

For the record Blakes 7 had some ludicrous outfits at times, but I'd argue that just as often it got things spot on; take the Federation Trooper outfits, brutally simple, and the helmet makes them look both futuristic, and like they could already be in use somewhere in the world right now. I like a lot of the crew's patchwork/Robin Hood stylings as well and I still think the liking I have for women in boots even now is largly based on Cally and Jenna!

Of course the flipside is the plastic clothing of Tynus and co in Killer and the stupid silver jumpsuits in Terminal...
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