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Re: Blake's 7 given the go ahead by Syfy

Marc wrote: View Post
Also wonder want it means to for current B7 related projects, Big Finish is doing the Liberator Chronicles audios and well as new novels.

Not sure what the status of the re-imaged audio drama is.
It's my understanding that the Big Finish "classic" B7 audios won't be affected by any new series - just as their Doctor Who and Dark Shadows audios were not affected by new versions of those franchises.

As for the re-imagined audio series: we produced three episodes for our first "season" and eight stories were released for the 'Early Years' prequels.
Scripts for a second season of the audio adventures series were completed, and outlines produced for a third, but production costs meant that we never went ahead with them.

Tom wrote: View Post
Me 4, I love B7 but it on SyFy does scares me a bit. IT should be re-made by the BBC, IMO, but that ship has sailed. I hope the crew behind this knows how to handle it.
The BBC have been offered the chance to produce a B7 remake more than once; they have turned it down every time.
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