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Re: no more TV in the future? WTF?!

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Don't be silly, why would we watch TV when we're all busy studying science and mathematics? If we don't study science and mathematics, we can no longer write piano concertos and invent new and exciting uses for nadions!

Trek had the right idea about technology changing entertainment, but I think it was based on the Trek 80's style Utopian view. It had a judgmental tone to it.

Watching TV was one of those lazy habits that ancient humans participated in.

Trek (TNG) strongly implied that people preferred putting on plays, live orchestra performances, etc. for entertainment.

It was all Shakespeare and the arts, playwrights, classical music ect, etc.

Not that it was bad, but I think they went a bit too far with it, especially on TNG.

Never saw any internet surfing, socia media, or streaming entertainment through the computer.

Interesting how in later series, they subtly brought TV back, like DS9 Quark's commercials over the public comlink, the Cardassians live streaming things, ect.

Or in Voyager, where Paris watched TV and then gets the rest of the crew to join in.

Ironically, as soon the utopianism feel wore off they went right back to things the fans could relate to.

If reading paperback books survived, why not television?

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