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Admiral Cain in BSG - A Different Tact

Hey guys, I'm new. Was reading that thread in the BSG forum. Happened to pretty much agree with the OP. Apparently not many people did. Its been a few days so I thought I'd start up another thread taking a slightly different tact. Hopefully we can keep the discussion civil. Its up to all of us to try! I think the discussion was put into a better context toward the end of the thread. For rhetorical purposes as the author had said, lets setup the hypothetical that Cain's motive really was to win a guerrilla war and she had a chance to do so. The author did present compelling cases in the US history where the President crossed the line more than Cain did. His point on Lincoln and Sherman's March to the Sea was spot on and went unaddressed. Lincoln did consider the Confederacy to indivisibly be part of the Union, even when they were at war. He destroyed the food supplies and homes of his own citizens by his own standards to help win a war. How is this different from what Cain did in scavenging parts from civilian ships? Lincoln's action might seem more indirect and aseptic to some, but on the receiving end, the death and moral outrage is the same. A lot more deaths resulted from Lincoln's action's than Cain's. Furthermore, his point about the torture was spot on. Cheney and Obama have both used torture and rape on a lot more people than Cain. His point about using torture as a systematic and clinical tool was also accurate. Even if there is moral objection, he was strictly looking at in from an amoral perspective. To lob ad-hominem attacks at him was highly unproductive to the conversation. Some of you seemed to be okay with torture when it was a life or death circumstance without understanding that the nature of terrorism and war always presents a life or death threat. To Cain's harsh punishments, the author brought up the good point that even the Catholic Church (the promoters of moral absolutism) acknowledges the need to harsher penalties including the death penalty (which they usually consider immoral) when there's a need to keep stability. The alternative was shown on Galactica where you have the XO showing up drunk to work. So the point is, if Cain really were fighting a smart guerrilla war and had a chance to win, her tactics would really be no different than one's used by previous administrations in the US to win a war. Remember lets keep this civil
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