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Re: TOS: Allegiance in Exile by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I preferred Schuster & Mollmann's pick for Rahda's first name over the one presented here, which was just another use of the "use the actor's first name" idea.
Rahda has definitely been called "Naomi" in novels before, but I can't see that it's ever been referenced in Memory Beta - and, when I went through my own notes just now, I realised that DRG3 had actually referenced Sitara Rahda in "Crucible: McCoy"!

I finished up "Allegiance in Exile" this week, just as my plane finished landing at London Heathrow airport, on my way to Glasgow. Amazing timing! A very enjoyable read with lots of seeds sewn for possible future stories (and links to a few older ones). Many thanks to DRG3! I really enjoyed it. Some interesting Kirk/Sulu friction (perhaps vaguely influenced by real world Shatner/Takei friction?) - and how cool to add another 23rd century Andorian to my database?

I was fortunate enough to spend time with DRG3 and his wife, Karen, during my recent US adventure last January and he really made my day when he handed me an advance copy of "Allegiance in Exile".

As we explored Vasquez Rocks and fought a few Gorn together, he suddenly asked if I'd read his recent Sisko novels and I had to admit that I'd fallen way behind in my Trek reading of late, but that I'd heard they were, umm, controversial, and I couldn't wait to get to them. Then he said that he thought he'd planted a Tuckerism for me in one of his recent books, but he couldn't recall which one. "When I'm writing, I just tend to throw them in," he said.

Well, imagine my thrill this week when one minor character in "Allegiance in Exile" shared a surname of a family of Trek friends who were with me the first time we'd met David and Karen, in Sydney, in 2007. Coincidence?

Then a new Andorian character was introduced. Always likely to get my attention! At first, I was just excited there was a brand new Andorian, Veldaclien ch'Gorin, on the Enterprise during the fourth year of its 5YM, but a few pages later, the crew had contracted the Andorian's name to "Clien". (Maybe?)

Message back from DRG3 yesterday to Ian McLean: "The Andorian was indeed named in your honor."

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