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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2013

Sorry the AV Club reference escaped me before. My superficial impression is the AV Club is to io9ish for my tastes, though, so maybe I felt that way then, and promptly forgot it?

But yes, as a matter of fact, my main point is that the series' fans are a minority. This might seem blindingly obvious but if you inspect the responses above, it either isn't, or is too embarrassing.

But is it really safe to assume that my negative opinion is a minority opinion. Is it really likely that there is anyone in the HBO subscription base that hasn't had the opportunity to form an opinion of Game of Thrones? Most of them have it coming into their homes along with True Blood and all the rest of the HBO programming. I think that it is not a bit safe to assume the majority of subscribers who don't watch the show neglect to do so because they foolishly failed to form an opinion at all. I think we can more safely say that, yes, as a matter of fact, they formed a negative one.

The safest thing of all to say is that equating popularity and artistic success is a risky business. Trying to deprive the terms minority and maority of any numerical meaning only compounds the error.
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