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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2013

I'm apparently the only one here who can identify a
minority. You don't learn these difficult skills by selective attention. It's quite the other way around.

I hadn't heard of AV Club. I googled, linked and clicked on the first GoT story.

A fair maiden in New Orleans is looking for a hard dose of Robb Stark lovin’. Last week, an intense Game Of Thrones fan posted a Casual Encounter to Craigslist looking for someone to help her fulfill her elaborate Iron Throne-based fantasy. As she explains, she recently purchased one of those $30,000 Iron Throne replicas and is looking for someone to, well, conquer her on it. She writes:
"In my fantasy, I am Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, and Rightful Heir to the Iron Throne and the Seven Kingdoms. After crossing the Narrow Sea and defeating the forces of Westeros, it is within my power and right to slay all of those who betrayed my family and denied me my rightful place for so many years. The most vile enemies of house Targaryen, House Stark and House Baratheon must pay the highest price. All of those who fought against the Mother of Dragons are slain—all except one. When I come to Robb Stark, out eyes lock and something moves inside of me. I realize I need to have him, want him, and I can tell he is thinking the same. I order my guards to throw him in the dungeon and later that night, I have him brought to me, in the throne room. There, on the Iron Throne I've so recently won, I make wild and passionate love with him, repeatedly.”
Fair enough. It’s not like Game Of Thrones isn’t smutty to begin with, so at least she’s not pulling this out from beyond the wall. Plus, this potential rendez-vous could be the perfect chance for some lucky knight to use any and all “winter is coming” puns. Plus, the new Chvrches cover of the Game Of Thrones theme would be perfect mood music.
I immediately saw your point about a serious analysis of the series.

It's true this doesn't prove a damn thing, but the irony was irresistible.

PS A quick look at Salon found two real articles (skipping over fan discussion.) One was an indignant article blasting negative reviews of the series from Slate. Guess I'll skip looking for the deep but favorable analysis of the show there. The other was about real life evil medievals who inspired G.R.R. Martin. A goodly number are not even nedieval but Renaissance figures. I don't know if that writer didn't care, or didn't know.

Again, this doesn't prove anything except that it was rather hasty to drivel about missing all those in depth studies littering the internet. There are actually some occasionall pieces that display a serious interest in the show. Most of them I've seen focus on the treatment of women. The thing is, the ones I've seen are rarely very favorable.
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