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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Well, this was a lovely thing to stumble upon today. Thanks for reading. Pleased no end that you enjoyed it and hope the next one works as well for you.

As to've almost got it.

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  • The Anschlasom accidentally broke Omega and let it through into the multiverse, and in doing so also created the Q continuum as we know it.
  • In the other timeline, Janeway succeeded in solving the problem and resealing Omega. Job's a good'un. Except that that was undone by the events of "Endgame."
Almost right. In the other timeline Janeway succeeded in resealing Omega. The method used at that time, however, restored the balance from the very beginning of all things, so prior to the breach by the Anschlasom, so the Q Continuum no longer existed in that timeline. That's why Amanda and Junior could see the timeline through the prism, but could not enter it and experience it. There, they didn't exist.
  • Once back in the AQ, Janeway refused to allow Voyager to return to the DQ, which left the Q-Omega imbalance still unresolved.
Yes, but this isn't terribly important from the multiverse's point of view. Her actions in Endgame, bringing the crew home early and erasing the contact with Omega that sealed it starts the whole ball rolling and from there the multiverse starts ordering things so that the balance will be restored. Eden is created, Janeway's death, when it happens becomes a fixed point in time. Etc.
  • The multiverse then went about killing Janeway in every universe it could find, to make sure the Full Circle mission would go ahead.
To make sure that Eden would find Omega and do her part.
  • When Tallar and Jobin fell into a rift, it gave them Eden, with the intention that she would at some point restore the balance by destroying the Q and resealing Omega.
  • With Janeway dead and Eden in command, events were now in place to resolve Omega, since Janeway herself was unknowingly refusing to do it.
With Janeway dead and Eden going to the Delta Quadrant to eventually confront Omega.
  • The existence of q was basically a lucky break in that he could be equal to Eden and seal Omega without destroying all the rest of the Q.
Mmmmm...sort of. Q and Lady Q thought they created Junior to save the Continuum from the civil war. He was actually created to save the Continuum from ceasing to exist, but they didn't know that at the time.

Is that right? Also, the return of Janeway herself was not part of the multiverse's plan, but rather an example of q overriding that plan. Unless, as has been suggested, the return of Janeway was part of the plan (but only after the Full Circle mission could no longer be blocked and was already underway) so that she could facilitate the Q allowing q to sacrifice himself. But then that's inconsistent with the multiverse wanting to restore the balance as it originally was - it wouldn't care that it was extinguishing the Q people from existence. Or was it that the balance was no longer capable of being restored by the destruction of the Q, so it had to be q?
The return of Janeway was not part of the multiverse's plan, yes. We'll never know what Eden and Junior would have done, or Q and Lady Q for that matter, had Janeway not been there to argue for the necessity of their sacrifice. I tend to think they would have done the right thing anyway, but you never know.

The multiverse didn't particularly care that Omega was sealed and the Q ceased to exist. Omega just had to be sealed to the multiverse could continue to exist as long as it was supposed to. Theoretically, Eden could have done it by taking all of the Q power into herself, as she started to...and then returning to Omega with it. But yes, then no more Q. Junior's existence was the key in the he was powerful enough to balance Eden and spare the rest of the Q. It was the actions of all of the chacters at several different points in time that made this particular resolution possible.

Hope that helps. Possibly you are more confused now.

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