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Re: TrekUnited Proposed Season 5 Co-Production Dea

Posted by Jenna:
I really don't see how this announcement changes anything. I, for one, assumed that TrekUnited had been doing all they could to get a fifth season, including attempting to find another studio that would produce the show if Paramount agreed.

Unfortunately for this viewer and fan, this announcement is extremely anticlimactic, not even close to "galvanizing".


Oh, and as for the suggestion that everyone who doubts TU should now humble themselves before the almighty Mogh, I don't care for it. This announcement changes nothing from what the situation was a week ago, two weeks ago, whenever you want to pick a date.

It's "Oh, we've got something BIG BIG BIG" and then when the announcement is made, there are still no results.
you are correct. I have been told by people in the legal department (Melinda M and Valerie E) that the only way for TU to 'succeeed' would be for Paramount to sell off part of the Trek asset and there is NO WAY that Paramount are going to enter into any kind of co-production deal with any partners. Paramount value the Trek asset too highly and arent about to go selling parts of it off.

It is also my understanding from those I have talked to that the Wentworth letter is the FINAL word and it still stands and applies to Trek United, Inc, and any partners of Trek United and the cancellation is final on UPN and on any other network.

and they are a bit shocked that people dont understand this.

No means NO
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