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Re: Brannon Braga: Not a Diane Carey Fan?

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Sure, but ultimate responsibility for these asides has to rest with the author. If she didn't make these asides, would the editors have gone out of their way to insert them into her text?, but one would think that it'd be part of their job to ask her to take them out.

Two related points.

1. Is it the job of the editors to save their writers from themselves?
From themselves? Not sure. But I'm fairly positive they'd want to make sure the book was acceptable for publishing.

And since they got published...

2. Perhaps more speculatively, would there necessarily have been the opportunity for the editors to get Carey to take them out, or--if all else fails--for the editors to take them out themselves? Her asides seem to have been fairly pervasive throughout the manuscript. Depending on how much time there was between manuscript submission and the final prep work for publication, they might not have had the time to do an extensive revision.
Even assuming all that was true (and I'm not convinced it would have been), they could have not signed her to keep writing books.
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