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Re: Worf's actions during Birthright Part II

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What do you think of Worf's actions during Birthright Part II? Was Worf teaching people who lost their way to be proud of their heritage or was Worf being a racist trouble maker who disrupted a peaceful situation between a group of Klingons and Romulans?
Let's remember that those children were born prisoners, and that situation is not acceptable no matter how peaceful they were living. They had to be given the choice whether or not they wanted to live there, no different from Masterpiece Society.

Worf's behavior was certainly racist, but the targets of his racism were his captors. He got over the fact the girl was half-Romulan and loved her anyway.

Really everyone was wrong in a measure. Tokath and the older Klingons pretty much forced their views on their children and did everything censure any opposing viewpoints. Worf was clearly well intentioned, but it never occurred to him that they could be happy there instead of fitting his racial profiles of how people should be. Really the victims of the whole episode where the Klingon children who never had a choice.
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