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Re: Who was the most hated character among fans while DS9 was airing?

I agree with the general sentiment that there weren't any Wesley like characters on DS9, though to be honest I never hated Wesley either. I can understand it, but I just don't agree with the general dislike of his character, though that's a topic for another time.
I think on DS9, most of the characters, even the ones that were disliked or at least were not the stand out favorites, grew so much over time, that even if you started out not liking them, they at least developed some qualities that redeemed them.

It is interesting to note, that I've seen some ill words thrown toward lwaxana Troi and her appearances on DS9 over the years. Even though she only showed up two or three times, more than a few people never seemed to take to the idea of her interest in Odo.
Personally, while not my favorite guest star, I by no means hated her or her ongoing story line with Odo.
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