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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2013

sojourner wrote: View Post
Guess what? It's a minority opinion.
Out Of My Vulcan Mind wrote: View Post
Game of Thrones currently has HBO's second biggest audience (after True Blood) and is HBO's biggest moneymaker in worldwide revenue.
Bob The Skutter wrote: View Post
Apparently the latest ratings put it over 5.3m on HBO and over 1.3m on Sky, plus over a million illegal downloads in 2 days. I'd say it's fairly popular.
Out Of My Vulcan Mind wrote: View Post
The second season of Game of Thrones averaged 11.6 million viewers per episode in the US with repeats and HBO Go factored in. This season should rise to more than 12 million viewers per episode.
sojourner wrote: View Post

I'm sorry, are you trying to argue that's a small number of viewers?
The people who don't watch Game of Thrones is the majority of the people who could watch. Thus, the opinion that it's good is still a minority opinion. The moral of the story is not that someone needs to make innumerate posts. The moral is that most programming is now a minority taste. And that means it is crazy to try to claim creative quality on grounds only a minority disagrees. Observations about fragmented audiences and the resulting viability of niche programming are not only irrelevant, but actually reinforce the point.

As to critical success? I've never seen a positive review that took Game of Thrones seriously enough to bother discussing the themes, the characters, the setting, the dialogue or much of anything except the sex and violence.
But if that meets your standards for critical success, knock yourself out.
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