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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

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See, Pike. That's what happens when you take someone who should be a Jr. Lt. at best and smuggled aboard your ship while suspended, and rather than throw him in the brig, proceed to make him first officer on the immediate mission, then bump him all the way up to Captain & CO permanently thereafter. Not exactly surprising if he's got an overdeveloped sense of entitlement from all that...

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How in the world would the codes April knows work on the new Enterprise twenty years later?
Presumably, the ideas are that (1) it wasn't just a backdoor to his Enterprise, it was actually in the core OS of all Federation starships and (2) it was never deleted, possibly because someone else who knew about it [Admiral Marcus? Section 31?] managed to prevent it being changed.

Hell, it may not have been April's *own* backdoor, but something he discovered that was already there.
Like say some sort of 5 digit computer code which can allow a person to hack another starship and oh I don't know make it lower its shields
Yeah. Did that scene seem as dodgy in the early 80s as it does now? I can't even open a free e-mail account with a five-character password, let alone override a ship capable of massive destruction!
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