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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Sorry you didn't like it Kirk, but in this case you are wrong about it being "stupid." That's not a subjective opinion statement. Londo sacrificed himself. It had nothing to do with how powerful the aliens were. The Centauri were the ones who had the bombs in the first place. The Narns are the ones who attacked. The Drazi helped set up the Alliance because they had the pods. The Centauri weren't making excuses for not knowing - the ships were unmanned. You're missing key connection points that are actually there in the story in your rush to claim it's bad writing.

The Shadows did control others when they seeded their ships everywhere - that's how G'Kar knew about them in the first place. And the organic ships - that's power the Drakh don't have that we see so far anyway. The Shadows are definitely more powerful.

Also - the Shadows' and Drakh's motives *were not the same*

Also, stop saying something was spoiled when you were wrong in almost every single detail of what was to come in the story.

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