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Re: 7X07 The Rings of Akhenaten (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

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The flying through space in that scooter exposed to the vaccume, without the TARDIS to project and air corridor or or gravity bubble - or no mention that the "scooter" was capable of projecting one - really bugged me.
Doctor Who is not Star Trek. The series is not big on technobabble. If the Doctor is flying through space on a scooter, and that doesn't kill him, there's no need to mention that somehow the scooter is protecting him: it's obvious.
It isn't technobabble to provide explanations to reasonable questions. Amy asked "What are we breathing?" when dangling from the TARDIS in "The Beast Below", and the Doctor gave a reasonable, non technobabble explanation.

In this case, we were shown an entire system that seemed to have a breathable atmosphere where it should have been open space. As bryce noted, like Niven's The Integral Trees. Not only that, but the apparently earthlike environment on those asteroids included normal gravity. Anyone with a third-grade grounding in science should have been wondering what was going on there. Why didn't Clara? One of the reasons for a companion in the show is to ask the questions the audience must be asking.
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