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Re: Section 31 is a positive for the Federation (spoilers from TV & bo

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One thing I want to know: What keeps a super secret agency, that is not accountable to anyone but itself, from taking over the Federation (covertly or overtly) in order to protect it?
Their stated purpose was to protect the Federation. Section 31's mission is to protect democracy, even if they themselves don't practice it. Converting the Federation into either a overt dictatorship or a puppet state would defeat Section 31 reason for existence.

S31 (by the example of Sloan) are zealots, they are true believers.

Look at it this way, Section 31 was formed before the Federation was, they've had two centuries to execute a coup, and mold the Federation in their own image, but in two centuries this never happen.

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Except it wasn't.
Becuase the Founder pretty much admitted they weren't going to win the battle she just decided to go out ion the blaze of glory becuase she was going to die anyway and figured she would just spite the Federation and it's allies by giving them a bitter victory.
Meaning the Dominion was still fighting, ergo the war wasn't "over."

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