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Re: Who was the most hated character among fans while DS9 was airing?

I am almost done Season 2, but so far I do not hate any of the characters.

Sometimes it seems like Sisko can be a bit monotone-sounding at times, but he is certainly not a bad commander and he seems to be a good father and all that. He could use a little more...zing? But all in all, I do not dislike him or anyone.

This would be my pecking order from fave to least fave (only judging on Seasons 1 and 2 though!)
-Garak (Dude should have gotten more screen time. He's awesome.)
-Dax (I haven't gotten to any episodes with Ezri Dax, but so far I like Jadzia. I am sad to hear she will be killed... )
-Jake (Er...I have nothing against him...he's just not a main focus of many episodes so far lol.)

I guess Nog...I don't like that much. And O'Brien's wife is a little one-dimensional although their baby is ADORABLE.
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