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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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Their lineup is so, so bad. I mean, look at this. Look.

1. J. Pierre, LF
2. C. Coghlan, CF
3. G. Stanton, RF
4. P. Polanco, 3B
5. G. Dobbs, 1B
6. D. Solano, 2B
7. R. Brantly, C
8. A. Hechavarria, SS
9. W. LeBlanc, P

That isn't a lineup. That's an abomination unto the Lord.
If Stanton doesn't end up setting the Major League record for walks in a season I'll be shocked.
He'll be behind Uggla for that.
Yeah, there is this misconception out there about Uggla. People think that because he is a K machine that he is some free swinging psychopath. Couldn't be farther from the truth. He goes deep in most counts but consistently misses strikes. Mainly getting blown away by fastballs. I've never seen anyone like him. Its maddening. As I type this he just took a seven pitch walk from LeBlanc.

What is very interesting in this telecast is the decision for the Marlins broadcast team to field e-mails throughout the night. I wish you could hear these guys tapdancing around all the hate mail. They are going out of their way to make it very clear that they are just going to call the game with the players on the field.
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