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Re: Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters trailer and commentary

My kids and I loved the series, and we're currently reading the sequel series (The Heroes of Olympus). I was very disappointed in the first movie, mainly because of all the changes they made. Watching the trailer, it seemed like they purposely made it for people like me, who were upset at those changes, because this one highlights everything the first one left out: Clarisse, Kronos, Annabeth as a blonde and Mr. D, to name a few.

I get the feeling that they're sticking closer to the script on this one, but I forsee some cuts (I'm betting they cut out the detour onto Crice's island, because of the effects and the fact that it's something easily cut, without hurting the plot).

As for it being a teen movie, well, yes, but in the same way that Harry Potter was. In fact, having a working knowledge of Greek mythology really makes this series more entertaining.

I cannot say enough good things about the books, though. I'd say, if you're even slightly interested, read the first book, The Lightning Thief, but skip the movie. If you like it, then either read Sea of Monsters or wait for this movie.
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