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Re: Why is DC so far behind Marvel in terms of movies?

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To be fair, there was a live-action FLASH television series launched immediately in the wake of the 1989 BATMAN movie. And BIRDS OF PREY and THE HUMAN TARGET and LOIS & CLARK and, of course, ten years (!) of SMALLVILLE. And now ARROW.

Granted, those were TV, not movies, but it's not as though DC was letting the rest of its list go fallow. They just seemed to be focusing more on the small screen than the big one.

(And how many live-action Marvel TV shows were there during that period?)
One little problem, I think generally super heroes don't work on the small screen and I think most of those shows were garbage.

Really Flash and Birds of Prey didn't last past one season, Smallville was pretty and it had the reverse problem, it went on way too long to the point that Clark faced and defeated most of his rogues gallery before becoming Superman.

The problem with live action super hero TV shows, it seems they have to make things less epic and more mundane just to make things work on a TV budget, that's why we got that lame smoke demon Darkseid on Smallville.

I think if they tried to X-Men on the small screen, it would end being like the Mutant X TV show, if they tried to do Justice League on the small screen, it would end up like the Justice League TV movie from 1997. Arrow is okay, but that is its more straight forward concept, no one really has any super powers, so its easier to make that stuff work on a TV budget.

I would rather see a Flash movie and Wonder Woman movie, then another attempt at a Flash TV show and Wonder Woman TV show, especially after that bad Wonder Woman pilot.

Frankly I even think the cartoon shows based on super heroes generally do a better job at capturing the spirit of the comics then the live action TV shows.
I'm the complete opposite here, I really that TV would be a better home for superheroes. You might not have as much of the spectacle, but it would give you more time to really display the depth and history of the characters, and the universes that they inhabit.
See that sounds good in theory, but you are making things less fantastic and more mudane in the process, what are you really capturing? How would you make X-Men or JLA work on a TV budget? I do you avoid things like Smoke Demon Darkseid and shallow made for TV villains who are used because they are easier to do then comic book villains (ex: most the meteor freaks from Smallville.) Look at the climax of season 8 of Smallville, the big fight between Clark and Doomsday happens off screen, that seems like a good example of the TV budget robbing the script of any real drama.

Really how many good live action super hero shows there been?

You would likely have to use animation to make most super heroes work on TV, but then you get into the problems of the animation age ghetto.

I think some things work better as movies and some things work better as TV shows and super heroes generally work better in movies.
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