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Re: Why is DC so far behind Marvel in terms of movies?

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The problem with live action super hero TV shows, it seems they have to make things less epic and more mundane just to make things work on a TV budget, that's why we got that lame smoke demon Darkseid on Smallville.
So what was Fantastic Four's excuse for Galactus?
Incompetent screen writers and the fact that Fox is kinda of cheap? Its not like Galactus would have been better on a TV budget. Don't get me wrong putting a comic book in movie form doesn't in of itself make it truer to the comic, but from my experience the movies tend to be truer to the spirit of the comics then the live action TV shows.

This many not be a fair comparison, but I don't think Smallville ever came as close to capturing the spirit of the comics as the first two Superman movies did. Plus Smoke Demon Darkseid is almost as bad cloud Galactus.
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