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Re: US Navy installing laser on ship to shoot down drones!

At first I was like, but then I was like...

Sure it's the 21st century, about damn time the lazer guns showed up. But then I was reading the PDF doc about it. I don't know...

On the plus side, laser weapons have unlimited ammo as long as the ship can generate electricity--which I suppose is better than a limited amount of conventional missile ammo.

On the plus side, laser weapons cost about $1 per shot versus thousands or millions of dollars per missile.

However... lasers are limited to line-of-sight, which makes it a close-in weapon only. So much modern weaponry is beyond-visual range, over the horizon. Lasers aren't.

And lasers (at least this model) have a limited range of about one mile, and larger models may have a ten mile range. Conventional weapons far exceed that limit now.

Also, the lasers are line-of-sight weapons, whereas conventional weapons (say an anti-missile interceptor) can independently launch and maneuver and track a target.

The lasers don't just make conventional weaponry obsolete at all. It offers up a varying array of abilities and options.

Very interesting development.
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