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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

I came to the conclusion a while abck that the reason that young Jean has Telepathy in the present when she isn't supposed to is that the professor was actively suppressing her abilities constantly, and that may have been why he hardly ever went into battle, because it took so much energy to shut down her powers... Too far?

But having just been reminded about Onslaught and his sexual titillation about Jean Grey in her hockey shorts, I have to ask how ongoing and prolonged was this active lust for Jean during her freshman year that Xavier had to shut down her telepathy so that she woudn't hear his continuous internal monologue mantra of "Please sit on my face, please sit on my face, please sit on my face Jean."

Juggernaut and Magneto with their psi-shields were the only threats Chuck couldn't have "easily" assassinated from half a world away with a stray vindictive thought. It's possible that what we saw as life and death battles in the beginning were actually "Playdates".
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