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Re: TrekUnited Proposed Season 5 Co-Production Dea

I'd rather see a kick-ass "Peacekeeper Wars"-style miniseries that gives the cast a proper send off than nothing.
So would I. That's why I've always thought a 13 (or 12) episode "last" season would be ideal. Carnivale and Deadwood do that on HBO, and they tell terrific stories. It's a little longer than a miniseries so everything wouldn't have to be cramped together, but being very shortened it would give the actors far more freedom. Paramount will probably say "no" to everything anyway but don't borrow trouble just yet. There are possibilities.

12 episodes leading up to the birth of the federation, dealing with the Romulan Wars....something of that nature.

And to keep Star Trek vital and refreshing, to not milk it out so far that nobody would want to ever touch it again, they made the decision that Trek needs a break. They're not going to come back from that.
Valid point. If I may offer a counterpoint.....Trek won't stay vital and fresh if the last memory of its opening chapater is as huge a turkey as TATV promises to be. That last impression is rather vital, as it is in people's nature to dwell on negativity. Voyager ended poorly and now this. Trek can't afford for ENT not to have a proper send off. If it doesn't, fans like myself will always expect Trek to disppoint us when it's all over. As it stands, I'm not interested in another series. I don't want to invest in Trek again and if mfaith can get shaken, that doesn't bode well for a franchise from which so many fans have already bolted. Most Trekkies weren't as devoted as I was.

A 6 to 12 our "series/mini-series" might not be a bad idea at all.

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