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Re: TrekUnited Proposed Season 5 Co-Production Dea

Posted by Mogh:
^ What, humble pie from all the people who called us liars?
And this is exactly how TU got into the pickle it's been in in the first place ...

Why is it so difficult to admit defeat with grace, and even more difficult to proclaim success equally gracefully? The truth of the matter is that TU has engaged in highly questionable public relations, not to mention the potentially fraudulent actions of soliciting donations for a non-existent cause (declared so by no less than its intended recipients, when Paramount first sent the letter which was revealed finally this week). TU's problems are not the result of a vendetta against either its goals or its membership, but because of the very poor choices it has made in either concealing pertinent information or in making unsubstantiated and unprovable claims (unprovable in the sense that the people with whom TU claims to be in serious discussions have categorically denied these claims).

If the new announcement is not only in earnest but is in fact an ongoing process in which Paramount itself is participating, then TU and the people involved deserve congratulations. The timing, however, is very poor indeed, coming as it does not 3 days after one of the major parties has declared their interest in this subject closed. If it is a matter of, "We tried this, and it failed weeks ago, but we felt it unnecessary or morale-breaking to disclose it," as with the letter, then TU stands to only further complicate this situation, and to further risk not only their reputation, but also punitive measures from a company with far more resources than TU could ever muster, and a vested interest in protecting the value of their property and their name.

At this point, I think no one should pretend that new good news outweighs the existing bad, nor should anyone be suggesting that their critics eat crow, humble pie or their hats, simply because a new facet of this overly-complicated construction has been revealed. It's only sensible.

Mogh, and anyone else involved with TU and its efforts and goals, please keep things in perspective. This is not a personal crusade against you; it's an effort to sus out the truth without being dizzied by the constant spin that has been produced.
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