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Re: Why is DC so far behind Marvel in terms of movies?

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Whereas I have only ever read one single issue of any comic book ever. Something about Juggernaut and Jean Grey wandering around a sewer and Onslaught coming back (and me going, "who the heck is Onslaught?").
60 year old Charles Xavier wanted to shtup his 16 year old student Jean Grey (issue One, page one. It happened.). Charles repressed these feelings until the pressure of all that resentiment, that he was too classy to be a paedophile manifested (Split personality, you dig?) into the Omega Level threat "Onslaught".

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The only reason any one knew who Spider-Man was before the Rami movie was becuae of the Electric Company. That fucker taught me how to read and write.
I grew up watching the first Spiderman cartoon from the late 1960's.
The first time I saw the cartoon, in 1980, my first magnicient utterance was "Holly shit! That fucker can talk! I thought Spidey was mute!"
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