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James Durdan
Re: TrekUnited Proposed Season 5 Co-Production Dea

Posted by Mogh:
Posted by James Durdan:
We are seeing an interesting tactic here.

By making this announcement, TU manages now to deflect attention from them, and back to Paramount, and in one fell swoop reinforce Paramount as the bad guy.

Masterful! Nothing has really changed, because Paramount will never let this happen, releasing partial control of the franchise to a third party, but masterful. Kudos to TU for deflecting attention off of them for a few days!
No they're a business. And yes, they've said no. And they've said no again. And they've said no the media. And they've said no on

We're BECAUSE they've said no. And we'll stay here until they say yes.

Nobody is calling Paramount bad guys. We're just making it clear whose court the ball is in and how truthful we have been.
Mogh, I respect you no end, but I think your going to have a very long wait for Paramount to say yes. But again, good tactical use here today. Seems someone at TU has learned from the complete mess thats been made of this till now.

No matter what however, you realize that the same old questions are going to start again. Because we are right back to square one. TU's word against Paramounts. Un-named people, no way of checking things.....

Where is the IGN article that was going to help reduce these fears? Until those fears are arrested a lot of people are going to have concerns.

I can say that I talked to someone at Skywalker Ranch last night about Star War's Episodes 7-9, and my film company getting the right to produce them, but the talks are at a delicate stage and thats all I can say. Unless I now take care of the disbelievers by offering some sort of proof, it isn't going to get better by me telling you that I have Sound Stages in New Hampshire ready to go, and I do a great Yoda voice

Do you see my point at all?
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