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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

Miller is writing so the days of Douche Clark are over. That was really Brian and Kelly's forte it seemed. Miller has written Clark as he should be written in his first year of Superman, a hero still on his journey but slowly finally starting to find himself and realize what his place is in the world. The Superman/Batman relationship was handled brilliantly, and I've always enjoyed his friendship with Bart. Miller is positioning Clark into a spot of leadership among the superhero's a slow process as he's meeting new heroes and creating allies and friends, but it's happening. I don't think Clark and Lana will interact at all in Valkyrie...maybe towards the end, but I have got the impression that this is a Lois and Lana adventure or aka "time to catch up with Kryptonite Woman!!!". As those of you know I absolutely hate what was done with Lana when they wrote out Kristin so I've been curious to see how Miller will handle her.

If Miller had been showrunner this series would have reached its potential.
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