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Re: TrekUnited Proposed Season 5 Co-Production Dea

Posted by Q2UnME:
OK, just had a thought.

Say Paramount bites at this proposal (small chance) and everything is shipped up to Vancouver for production to start again and at some point their ready to start filming a season 5. You pretty much just guarenteed that Season 5 will be without Scott Bakula. He's gone on record several times that part of the reason he took Enterprise was that it ment that he would be able to still be with his family in LA. What then? Recast the part of Archer? Phase his charactor out?

Creates a whole new set of problems to have to iron out.

Well, to be truthfull this was also the first thing I thought about, but concider that even thought it is much cheaper to shoot in vancouver (a popular place to shoot these days, do to inexpense etc..) it is also much cheaper to shoot anywhere out side of paramount (i.e somewhere nearby in CA) thus paramount can fully utilize the formorly occupied stage 8, 9 and 18 for another show/movie and maximize there profits. I would say one step at a time here though, but it is good point. I would also like to add that there was other muli-million dollar production/company outside of north america who are interested in doing the same thing. Basicaly that is all i can say about that now, that this news is out (exhales deeply ).
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