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Re: Dallas - Season 2

Here's the text from the original article that the one wissaboo linked to links back to:


“Dallas” may never return to its “Who Shot J.R.?” heyday of the 1980s, but its star Patrick Duffy says TNT isn’t ready to put a bullet in the once wildly popular drama’s reboot just yet.

Despite so-so ratings, “Dallas” 2.0 will be back for a third season and the show has a funeral to thank for its new life, Duffy said.

Sources tell us network bosses were nervous that show icon Larry (“J.R.”)
Hagman’s death in November combined with subpar ratings could spell trouble.

But Duffy, who plays J.R.’s brother Bobby Ewing, said, “A network like TNT and Warner Brothers look at the trend. ... They are ecstatic with what ‘Dallas’ is doing and as long as we continue that in the demographics of 18-40, we are their golden child.”

It doesn’t hurt that after a so-so start, “Dallas” scored season high ratings with the funeral of Hagman’s J.R. character earlier this month. The memorial episode attracted 3.6 million viewers, well above this season’s average of 2.6 million. Duffy thinks it’ll only get better next season.

“The summer is the perfect time on cable television because none of the other networks are premiering anything,” he said.
Emphasis mine.

It's all supposition and extrapolation from what Duffy said in his one attributed quote in the piece.

It could be just as likely that he's putting the word out publicly that he knows Dallas is doing for TNT what TNT wants Dallas to do for it, but also to corner them in to announcing a renewal.

It could also very well be TNT has renewed the show but has yet to make the official announcement, but the cast does know.

I'll believe it when a source like Deadline or THR reports it. Till then, I'm hopeful!
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