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Re: TrekUnited Proposed Season 5 Co-Production Dea

In the event that Paramount passes on the ENT extension, has TU ever discussed the possibility of using the partnership with the Canadian companies to form some kind of production company that could, in association with Paramount, produce low-budget, non-ENT Trek-related features -- direct-to-DVD/TV movies or limited series? It seems like there would be a great potential here to create non-series Trek projects that fans have always demanded, like a Captain Sulu TV movie/miniseries, or other stories taking place in the Trek universe, that Paramount would never greenlight on its own, but which an independent, fan-owned company might be able to push through, with independent funding. If they could get some "names" attached, like Manny Coto or Shatner, that could bring in more funding as well.

It just seems like something that would be great for the fans, and good for Paramount in that they would still have final approval over the product, they wouldn't bear the financial burden/risk of mounting a full-scale TV series or theatrical film, and there would still be Trek product out there in some form during the hiatus until the next major series/film.

I know nothing about TV production, so I'm pretty much speaking out of my crack pipe here, but I figured I'd throw that question out there. I realize that you guys are focused on ENT right now, but I'm wondering if there are any ideas (besides closing up shop) should the effort not succeed.