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Re: TrekUnited Proposed Season 5 Co-Production Dea

Posted by Q2UnME:
everything is shipped up to Vancouver for production to start again and at some point their ready to start filming a season 5. You pretty much just guarenteed that Season 5 will be without Scott Bakula. He's gone on record several times that part of the reason he took Enterprise was that it ment that he would be able to still be with his family in LA.
You have a good point, it's my understanding Richard Dean Anderson is leaving SG-1 for the same reasons.

I don't know what the answer would be. Then there's the contract the actors are under. Is that solid enough to hold them if they don't want to go Canada? Does it negate the contract if they move production?

A lot of issues indeed. Still I guess I see this as positive news and hopefully something can be worked out.

Again, I IMPLORE a LOT of people here to relax and let this thing play out. Maybe, just maybe, something good will come of it.
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