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Re: TrekUnited Proposed Season 5 Co-Production Dea

Posted by Mogh:
- I do take criticism, because there's plenty to take. We're not professionals. We ARE amateurs. And we're doing the bloody best we can. So dole it out please, because we have a long learning curve to follow.

And to be honest- I think after the crap we've had to take- and I mean real crap, not legitimate questions about the campaign, which are good and foster vital debate- you'll forgive me for putting a bit of levity in some of my comments.
Yes it *is* perfectly understandable. And therein lies precisely the problem. As a person it's perfectly understandable and justified to 'hit back' so to speak. However you're representing a company here that gets leverage based on the number of people that supports them and in that capacity 'hitting back' really isn't the best way to go.

Every corporation has it's opponents. The are plenty of people bashing Paramount for instance. You just have to deal with it in a way that doesn't put off other people, who might support you. Learning curves are fun and all, but there isn't much time in this case to finish that curve, and it's hurting the effort.

That's nothing personal, it just indicates that it might be a good idea for TU to at least consider hiring a publicist.
People are old and wise enough to make their own decisions and accept their respon-- oh, wait...
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