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Re: Original Phaser Rifle Prop Found!

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If the whole thing is made of wood, I'm doubtful there was any wiring to make things light up.
In the close-up photos, the material looks more like the kind of metal that a lot of '50s and '60s appliances were made of.

Also, the three colors of the tubes are red, orange, and yellow--the same colors that are on the little rectangular buttons on one side and as the circles on the other side.
Right, I couldn't see them clearly in the embedded video's freeze frame that I was referring to. You're right about the colors, but the point is that the lights on the front match the color coding of the tubes and the rear buttons, so presumably they're meant as indicator lights to represent the three settings.

Interestingly, the tube that's "in line" with the barrel/emitter is at the apex of the equilateral triangle formed by the three tubes. Yet, when Shatner shoots the rock leading to Mitchell's demise, it looks like the tubes aren't in their locked position: it appears the apex of the triangle is actually down at the bottom.

Now that you mention it, I noticed that too, that the barrels were out of alignment. I guess that was a mistake they didn't catch.

(I suppose there's a different name for "an apex that's at the bottom.")

Ed: It looks like it's antapex.
I'm not so sure. That's the opposite of the solar apex, the point in the sky that the Solar System is moving toward, but it doesn't seem to work as the opposite of a geometric apex. Then again, there's no other accepted word for it that I can find, so maybe antapex will do in a pinch.
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