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Re: TrekUnited Proposed Season 5 Co-Production Dea

What is Paramount's problem?

Still looking for the big fix--more boobs, more sex, more violence, everybody dying. Everything but slowly building confidence like Manny was by telling good stories. As long as Paramount doesn't understand that, Trek is doomed to fail from now on. Even if they do wait five years and make a new series, they'll still try "gimmicks" to grab that prized young male demographic. Who knows? Maybe Berman will still be involved.

I want to see "Enterprise" played out. I really do. How can you do the franchise any justice when you've mucked up the first chapter of its history and left it incomplete? Nobody's going to want to come back to it. I won't want to come back to it.

BTW, outstanding work, Tim. Whether or not this succeeds, you deserve an apology from more than a few people.

Recast the part of Archer? Phase his charactor out?
Definitely not recast. However, I bet the series could survive with Scott only having a recurring part. Shoot, if we could get a bloody 4 or 6 hour mini-series at this point I'd be happy. Not that I'm expecting Paramount to have any know... I guarantee you, if Paramount says no, the next screen incarnation (be it film or TV) will be explosions, more sex, everybody dying as opposed to nobody dying....everything but well told, interwoven stories.
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